Some TCP related notes

These notes are summaries I did about the TCP theme, taken the information directly from the sources. All rights correspond to the author(s) of the papers and/or RFCs being summarized, that always, being as I am, highly respectful of the third party rights, I point out very clear who were the original author(s). Within the documents being summarized, I include some comments to try to improve the understanding when being necessary.

Leonardo Balliache

TCP history  
  1.0.- TCP Round-Trip Time Estimates
  2.0.- Congestion Avoidance and Control
  3.0.- New Congestion Avoidance algorithm
  4.0.- TCP Vegas
  5.0.- Random Early Detection Gateways for Congestion Avoidance
  6.0.- TCP and Explicit Congestion Notification
  7.0.- ACK-compression
  8.0.- TCP and Successive Fast Retransmits
  9.0.- TCP Selective Acknowledgment Options (SACK)
  10.0- On Traffic Phase Effects in Packet-Switched Gateways
TCP now  
  RFC 2309 - Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet
  RFC 2581 - TCP Congestion Control
  RFC 2914 - Congestion Control Principles