Quality of Service
Written by Leonardo Balliache

What do you think when you hear the phrase "Quality of Service"?

Perhaps, if you remember some good restaurant where you were before, you think about delicious food, excelent service, a good animated music group, etc., etc.

But, what about if I tell you, "Network Quality of Service", or "Internet Quality of Service"? How could you tell me if the network where you work at office has a good "quality of service", or your internet connection is the best that you have ever seen, and its "Quality of Service" is excellent?

To weigh "Quality of Service" in networks or internet services, we have to look for some mechanism to measure this "quality", for having a way to compare services provided by different systems and/or Internet Service Providers (ISP).

To measure network, or Internet "Quality of Service", we are going to use these methods of measurement:

1.1. Availability

1.2. Bandwidth

1.3. Latency

1.4. Jitter

1.5. Losses

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