Opal-Contabilidad (spanish)

Opal-Administrativo (spanish under development)

Opal-Abogados (spanish under development)

Opal-Odontología (spanish under development)

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Inquire explaining your project. We can develop in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Without any obligation we will study with you its viability, time, implementation and hosting cost.
Do you need to implement a custom database application in the Cloud?

In Opalsoft, we are specialists in designing, developing, testing, implementing, installing and hosting Custom Cloud Applications for business management in record time and at a very affordable price for you and your company.

Whatever you need: accounting, accounts receivable and payable, taxes, purchases, inventories, manufacture, billing, farming, human resources, libraries, appointment control, medical and dental clinics, law firms, art galleries, customer service, order collection, maintenance, personal property control, real estate agencies, auto repair shops, projects control and any other commercial, industrial or service activities that might need custom-made management software in the Cloud.

Unlimited access for simultaneous users and unlimited record uploading. No need to install applications in your equipment or invest in expensive servers and its maintenance. Complete freedom to handle your application. To gain access your employees only need a web browser, their information to sign in and Internet access. Go here (just as example) to see all the advantages the Cloud has to offer.

Your data and backups will be in one of the biggest data center in USA operated by highly qualified staff. You can rest assure that your data is super safe.